As the weather turns for the worst, you will start to take the necessary precautions when it comes to your recreational vehicles. The best option to keep your motorcycle in pristine condition is to store it in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. To help you in preparing your bike for storage we have gathered some preparations you should take in order to better protect your bike for its stay.


Prepping your Tires

It is not recommended storing your bike so that the weight of the bike is resting on the tires for long periods of time as this can damage them. A rack works well for this but if you are unable to use one, just make sure to rotate the front tires every so often and make sure the tires are completely full before bringing in. Check the integrity of your tires every so often to make sure there aren’t any new formed leaks or cracks that could cause the tires to deflate.


Service the Engine

Before you place your motorcycle in storage you will want to get it serviced by a trusted mechanic to make sure all of your parts are functioning as they should. Replace anything that is leaking or could cause damage to your bike later on. A leaking motorcycle will not only harm your bikes engine, but it could also spill over to your other belongings you may be keeping in your storage unit


Give it a Wax

It is always a good idea to be proactive and give your bike a good wax before placing it in storage. This will help with rust protection and is especially important if you plan on keeping your bike in storage for more than a few months. Make sure there isn’t any accumulation of dirt or water that could cause damage to your bike.


Change the Oil

Oil in your motorcycle can get old and thick after just sitting around, even if it’s just for the winter. Make sure to change your oil beforehand so that it’s as fresh as possible when it’s time to take it out of storage.


Protect the Exhaust Pipes

Spray down your exhaust pipes with some WD-40 to keep them in pristine condition. Once you’ve done this, find some small, clean towels and shove them into the pipes to protect them from accumulating moisture.

While it is sad to store your motorcycle away during the cold winter months, you can rest easy knowing it is safe and secure in your new storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. Call us today for additional storage tips and our current rates.


Nothing is worse than having a cluttered mess of a closet. It makes finding anything that you may want or need in that closet nearly impossible. Make the commitment to conquer that closet clutter today! All American Self Storage in San Mateo, CA can help you with the organization process of your cluttered closet by providing you with the storage space you need for those items that are just taking up too much room. We have also providing you with some steps to follow when you are bound and determined to have the organized closet of your dreams. 


Completely Empty your Closet

The best way to start any organization project is by emptying out all of the items you have in your closet. Designate a space in your home to place all of your items. Once you have everything removed you can go through your belongings and decide what you will keep, donate, or place in storage. You can create a lot more storage space in your closet by switching out seasonal clothing and placing the out of season clothing in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, CA. To help you with the sorting process you can use bins and/or a hanging rack to help you to get a better idea of exactly what you will be keeping. 


Eliminate Items

If you are using your closet as an in home storage unit you will want to find them a new home. Every item should go in the room it coincides with. If you are still unable to find the space you need, your new storage unit will help you to free up some storage space throughout your home. 


Clean your Closet

When we say clean, we mean it. Now is the perfect opportunity to give your closet a good scrub before placing all of your clothing back on its shelves. Wipe down all of the surfaces with a disinfectant wipe or wet wash cloth. You will be surprised at how much dust has accumulated throughout the use of your closet. If you have carpet on the floor of your closet you will want to give that a good vacuuming as well. 


Put Away and Enjoy

Now you can begin placing the items and clothing you decided to keep back in your closet. You will begin to notice how much room you have. Stay organized by using bins to contain your smaller wardrobe accessories. Purchasing a shoe rack or organizer is also a must.



Conquering the clutter in your closet isn’t as hard as it seems. Before you know it you will have a closet that is organized and works for you. Let us at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, CA help you with all of your storage needs with one of the many units we have available at our facility. Call or stop by today to learn more. 


Basements can be a lifesaver when it comes to the stuff you need to store close at hand. If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home you will want to make sure you are taking full advantage of what it has to offer. Whether you need a more organized storage space or are planning on using it as a living space, you need to have a game plan regarding its organization. We at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, Ca can help you through the process. Below are some steps you should consider following when it comes time to overhaul your basement. 


Start by Sorting

Before you can have your basement transformed into the space you have always wanted, you will need to empty out its contents and sort through all of the items you have been storing. Creating piles of items that you will keep, toss, donate, or store. Be picky when it comes to the things you are thinking about keeping. For your sentimental items you just can’t seem to part with but don’t have the space for, you can trust All American Self Storage in Redwood City, Ca to keep them out of harm’s way. 


Create Workable Zones

Before you embark on putting everything back into your basement in an organized manner, you will need to create zones. Each zone should have a function and/or have similar items being stored together. For example, if you are using your basement primarily for storage you will want to keep all of your camping gear in one area, tools in another, and kitchen accessories in an area that is easy to reach. 


Contain your Items

To achieve ultimate organization you will want to invest in containers for the majority of your items. Not only will these containers keep everything together, it will also protect them from unexpected spills, dust, and dirt. Plastic bins with sealable lids are the best for storing the majority of your items. Remember to label and place your bins in an organized fashion. Buying and installing shelving is a great way to keep your bins organized and off of the floor. 


Now that you have achieved your goal of organizing your basement you are able to use it for any type of room or activity you have been dreaming of. If you are still in need of some extra storage space you can rely on All American Self Storage in Redwood City, Ca to give you the space you need. Call us today to learn more about our facility and how we can help you in achieving your organization goals.


Has your garage become a mess of boxes, old furniture, and unused items? If so, now is the time to get your garage back before the cold winter weather takes over. To get your garage back in working order you may need the help of a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. We can safely store the items that have been taking up space in your garage. We have also gathered some tips and tricks for you to try while you are organizing your garage. 


Use Vertical and Ceiling Space

If you are like most, you will want to save room on the garage floor for your car, truck, or off-road vehicles. You can easily store the other items you are keeping in your garage on the wall or up in the ceiling space you have available. To help you do this you will want to install organizational peg boards for your tools, hooks for your larger gardening tools, and shelving for the rest of your items. Organize in a way that will work best for you and your needs. 


Empty it Out

Before you start on the process of organizing your garage you will want to get it completely emptied out. This will give you a better idea of what you have in your garage. After you have all of your items out of the garage you can properly sort through what you have and decide what you should keep, toss, or place in a storage unit at All American Storage in San Mateo. Keep only what you use most often or what you prefer to have close by. Place any out of season items in your storage unit to make room for the items you need most often. 


Clean it Up

After you have completely emptied out your garage you will want to give it a good cleaning. Sweep out any dirt or debris that has accumulated over time. Wipe down any flat surfaces and clear out any unwelcome pests. You will want to have a clean space to place all of your items in. 


Plan it Out

As you are beginning to put away items you will want to go in with a plan. Create specific zones for each item and decide how you will organize it. Do you need a tool bench and peg board for your tools? How about wire racks for items you need to store off the floor of the garage? Going in with a plan will help you to complete the organization process of your garage. 



Before the cold winter weather hits you will want to take the time to give yourself the organized garage you have always wanted. All American Self Storage in San Mateo can help you complete your goal while providing you with the safe and secure storage unit you need. Call us today to learn more about the sizes of storage units we have available.


Whether you are renting a home or own your own, you might be faced with a smaller living room than what you would like. Instead of packing up and leaving, you can easily make your small living room feel more spacious. Start by storing what you don’t need on a day to day basis in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. When it comes to the rest of your items, we have gathered some tips for you to try in order to make your small living room feel large. 


Contain Clutter

The reason most living rooms feel small is due to the amount of items you are keeping in your living space. For the majority of smaller items you need to store in your living room you can purchase bins to contain the clutter. Use bins that will fit on shelving or bookshelves and will look good when it comes to your décor. Think vertical when it comes to finding storage space. Use whatever wall space you can to install shelving, cubbies, and bookshelves. 


Reflect Natural Light 

One useful trick to make your living room feel larger is with the use of natural light and mirrors. Install a mirror of your choosing directly across from the window in your living room. The mirror will reflect all the natural light from the window around the room making it feel larger than it actually is. Avoid using heavy drapes and window coverings on your windows. These can make a room feel smaller. 


Add Height

One easy trick to give your living room some much needed height is by installing wall décor or shelving higher up on the wall. This will trick your eye into thinking your ceilings are higher than they actually are. Consider the option of painting or adding wallpaper to the ceiling to add even more height. 


Choosing Paint Color

When deciding on a paint color for your living room you will want to try and keep it light. Lighter hues will keep your living room feeling airy and spacious. You can add depth to your space by adding accent colors that pop with small items or areas such as a wall radiator or the insides of bookshelves. You can still have the color you have always dreamed of, just used in a way that will make your living space feel larger than it actually is. 


With a little creativity you can make any space exactly how you want it to look and feel. Following the tips above will give your small living room the feeling of space that it needs. If you find yourself struggling to find the necessary storage space, you can trust All American Self Storage in San Mateo to provide you with a storage unit. Our facility prides itself on the safety and security of your belongings. Call us today to learn more about our available storage units.