All American Storage is happy to provide you with self storage in San Mateo for your moving needs but we want to help you along every step of your journey. If you’re moving you may be looking into renting a moving truck. If you’ve never driven a moving truck before, you may be a little intimidated by the thought. In fact, a moving truck may be the largest vehicle you ever have to operate but we have some helpful tips to make it easier for you.


Double Check Everything

Before hitting the road, make sure everything is secure and ready to go. Check all mirrors, locks, and make sure that your belongings are secure. This is also a good time to make sure the weight in the truck is stable and evenly distributed. If using a padlock, make sure that it is locked and you have the key somewhere safe.


Familiarize Yourself With Controls

Get to know the truck so you won’t have any questions once out on the road. If it’s a stick shift and you’re only familiar with automatic, have someone else drive or make sure to give yourself time to learn it beforehand. Read the driver manual before leaving so that you have a basic understanding of all the controls such as the brakes, AC, and radio.


Learn Your Clearance

This is usually listed on the truck itself but make sure you learn the truck’s clearance beforehand in order to prevent any disasters. Trying to pull into an area that the truck simply won’t fit or going into a tunnel that is too small is going to cause some major damage and should be avoided at all costs for your safety and those around you.


Plan for Gas Stops

Plot out your route if you’re traveling far and make sure to locate gas stations ahead of time. It’s important to plan your gas stops beforehand so that you don’t end up stranded. Never let the tank get completely empty just in case of an emergency.


Back Into Unloading Zone

When you arrive to your destination, try to back into the unloading zone rather than pulling in headfirst. This will make unloading the truck easier and will also make your a life a lot less stressful when it comes time to return the truck because you won’t have to maneuver it around as much.


We hope these tips take some of the intimidation and stress out of driving a moving truck. If you need self storage in San Mateo, give us a call and let us find the perfect unit for you to make moving even easier!



A lot of people may not think that it’s very important to look at what kind of company takes care of your storage unit and your belongings in storage, in fact it’s probably something that most people rarely think about, but we do. After all, when you rent a storage unit from a company you’re placing a great deal of trust in that company.

You trust your storage company to protect and take good care of your belongings,

you trust them to run a quality business and keep well-maintained units, and you trust us to be there when you need us. Many of our customers have decided to trust us with their livelihoods, using our services to protect merchandise and other property safe while they go about their business. And we provide them with the satisfaction of knowing that that livelihood is in good hands.

So when you look for a company to take good care of things you depend on, you want to know what kind of company you’re dealing with, and we like to let our actions speak louder than our words. We’ve run our business in San Mateo for over twenty years, and in that time we’ve found ways to help local charities and school. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, which it is, giving to charity, but also because we want to invest in our community and make this a better place for everyone to live.

We want to show our company’s values in ways that are lasting and concrete, so we’ve provided local non-profits like Samaritan House, Peninsula Humane Society, and Toys for Tots with free and discounted storage rates. Because, to us, our business isn’t just a livelihood or an occupation, it’s an investment in people, and in a place, who are worth it. 

We at All American Self-Storage in San Mateoare happy to have served the bay area for over twenty years. We pride ourselves in providing quality service and consistent care, and offer the whole range of self-storage units for all needs and price ranges.


1.    Affordable Prices- You want to find a storage facility with storage units that are a variety of sizes so that you are only paying for what you need. There is no point in paying money to store space and air in your storage unit.

2.    Security- Ideally you want a very secure facility guarding your possessions, something like individually alarmed units protecting your valuables 24/7 that immediately get checked when/if the alarm sounds. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

3.    Easy Access- Many drive up units that would make loading and unload easy, as well as some interior units that are easy to get to if you need to store some things on carpeted flooring.

4.    A Well-Cared for Facility- A place that is clean, brightly lit and looking good from the street places confidence in you that the facility is taken care of.

5.    Protected- If there were steel walls and upstairs, carpeted units protect your high-value items. Perhaps some raised concrete floors keep moisture out and of course smoke detectors that monitor interior hallways.

6.    Hands-on Management- Not just hands-on but on-site at the storage facility, there to lend a sense of safety and quick, friendly, professional response to your needs.

7.    Convenient- Longer gate hours for access when you need it, near a freeway/highway or major road. Also online payment so you can easily pay on time and be assured your stuff will continue to be protected.

8.    Storage Resources- A great online guide, something on their website that helps you with a size guide so you get the right size storage facility. Perhaps even a space estimator & inventory sheet. And last, but certainly not least, some great storage tips to help those of you who may be new to self-storage, or haven’t stored your things in a few years.

9.    Four Words- San Mateo Self-Storage: that’s right, all of those 8 things I just described can be found at a nearby San Mateo storage facility called All American Self-Storage. They are the storage facility for you; they can meet all of your needs and many more.

San Mateo Self-Storage has the must haves that you really must have when you are storing your valuables in a storage facility. So don’t hesitate to visit their website at and see how amazing it is for yourself or call them today at (650)376-0775.


Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs a place to store inventory, or maybe you’re office needs somewhere to store old monitors and computer equipment; chances are, with the inevitable march of technological progress, you have some old electronic equipment you don’t use but can’t get rid of. You may need it when your office opens a new branch, or maybe you’re just a collector or audiophile looking for a spot to hold curiosities. We at American self storage in San Mateo are here to help with a quick guide to properly storing your electronics so you can use them when you need them. 

As dry as things are the main concern, especially with electronics, is moisture. While bubble wrap can protect screens and other breakables, be sure to allow your items plenty of room to breathe and never wrap anything entirely in plastic. Plastic wrap will trap moisture and can lead to lasting damage even over a short period of time. To keep dust off your inventory and belongings use canvas, blankets, or cotton sheets instead of plastic sheeting. Breathable materials like these allow for the flow of air and evaporation of moisture, keeping your belongings dry and corrosion free.

Keep your electronics off the ground with wood pallets or another suitable platform. If possible, store electronic devices in their original packaging to prevent damage and confusion. Be careful if you intend to stack any of these boxes and make sure to use sturdy, clearly labeled containers to keep your most fragile items from ending up on the bottom of the stack.

It goes without saying that you should back up any data left on physical media you intend to store. Make sure to remove external storage devices and optical media from their drives before putting computers into storage.  If you store portable electronics make sure to remove any batteries to prevent corrosion. Use cardboard to protect screens from scratches and punctures and tape down any large moving parts (like the cover on a scanner or folding tray on a printer) to prevent damage during transport.


It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than to have to learn them yourself, especially when you are doing something for the first time.

If you are getting ready to rent and pack up a storage unit, here are the top mistakes made, that you should avoid:


Storing Your Items on the Floor

Concrete and metal attract moisture. Moisture and potential flooding could ruin any items you store on the floor. Stack your boxes on wood pallets and keep them away form walls.


Using Printed Newspaper

The ink on newspapers can bleed onto your items. This can ruin or dirty your items. Instead, wrap them in blankets or towels.


Storing Food

Food will attracts pests and rodents, two things that you don’t want snooping around your things. To keep things safe and rodent-free, keep your food at home.


Not Labeling Boxes

6 months down the road, you aren’t going to remember where you packed that one sweater that you love. Label your boxes carefully so you don’t waste time going through every box to find that one important item.


Failing to Insure Items

Storage facilities are not responsible for your lost, stolen, or damaged items. You can either go through your homeowners insurance, or the storage facility’s insurance to make sure your items are protected in case anything happens to them.