It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than to have to learn them yourself, especially when you are doing something for the first time.

If you are getting ready to rent and pack up a storage unit, here are the top mistakes made, that you should avoid:


Storing Your Items on the Floor

Concrete and metal attract moisture. Moisture and potential flooding could ruin any items you store on the floor. Stack your boxes on wood pallets and keep them away form walls.


Using Printed Newspaper

The ink on newspapers can bleed onto your items. This can ruin or dirty your items. Instead, wrap them in blankets or towels.


Storing Food

Food will attracts pests and rodents, two things that you don’t want snooping around your things. To keep things safe and rodent-free, keep your food at home.


Not Labeling Boxes

6 months down the road, you aren’t going to remember where you packed that one sweater that you love. Label your boxes carefully so you don’t waste time going through every box to find that one important item.


Failing to Insure Items

Storage facilities are not responsible for your lost, stolen, or damaged items. You can either go through your homeowners insurance, or the storage facility’s insurance to make sure your items are protected in case anything happens to them.


Whether you have a small or large business, you will most likely at one point run out of room in your office space. There are many alternatives to this problem. Some are expensive, like renting out a warehouse or buying a new office space. However, Storage units rentals in San Mateo is a great and inexpensive way for businesses to de-clutter their offices.


Freed Up Office Space


The biggest benefit of renting out Self Storage in San Mateo is that it will de-clutter your office. This not only will help with aesthetic value, but it also has the practical value of working in a clutter-free space.


Keep Your Important Documents Safe


Small businesses are more prone to break-ins, so it is a great idea to have an off-site place to store your crucial documents. Our Self Storage In San Mateo takes every security precaution to keep your valuables safe. There is limited access: the facility is gated and only those with a code can gain access. We also offer 24-hour video surveillance.


Housing For Inventory


Self Storage In San Mateo come in a variety of different sizes to fit your specific storage needs. Our units are also climate controlled, which is perfect for sensitive documents, valuables, or electronics that could be ruined by extreme temperatures.




San Mateo Self Storage rentals are the most budget-friendly ways to store your inventory. Storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis, so you wont have to worry about long-term contracts, thus allowing flexibility.


Is a $1 a month rate cheaper in the long-run?
3 Downsides to the $1 Rate:
1) Many facilities offer a very cheap or free move-in rate. Frequently, they raise your rate over a very short period of time so that you are paying more than you would where rent increases happen yearly.
2) The size you need may not be at the teaser rate and you end up with the wrong size space. As your rate goes up, you find yourself over-paying even more.
3) Cheap teaser rates may not attract the quality of tenants you want to be renting next to. Remember, you get what you pay for.
Are your belongings really secure?
Only if the units have individual alarms. Individual alarms mean you have a unique code for your unit only which is tracked by the front office. Supplementary security and peace of mind comes from keypad-operated front gate opening, an onsite manager, engaged long-term staff and required photo identification. Check with your local police department about the facilities record of burglaries.
Are your protected belongings still convenient to access?
Whether it’s one of our many, many drive-up units or one of interior units (some carpeted) with brightly lit hallways, you are just steps away to accessing your possessions from your vehicle. Your belongings enjoy extra protection from the elements with raised concrete floors and steel construction. Even after 25+ years, it’s still state-of-the art.
What does local ownership and management mean?
Rarely does a tenant have a problem. On the occasion that they do, you are not dealing with some far away customer service center or a long list of corporate policies. Instead, you deal with an empowered staff capable of quickly bringing about resolution. You may also call our managing general partner , Bill Kenney, at 650-347-3603, and speak to him anytime about problems. Our reputation means everything. After, the staff and ownership live in this community.
Ultimately, cheap teaser rates, short office hours and inferior construction detract from what should be a simple, no-brainer experience with self storage. At All American Self Storage in San Mateo, you’ll find affordable, accessible storage that’s secure, safe and competitively priced. Stop by and visit us today!