Every once and a while you will come across a storage unit auction at All American Self Storage in Redwood City. While storage auctions have become more popular over the years there are some myths that come along with the popularity. Listed below are some of the most common myths you might come across regarding storage auctions.


Myth 1: Every Unit is Valuable

This is of course a myth. While you might get lucky occasionally, you shouldn’t go into a storage unit thinking you are going to find a gold mine of items. You might be able to find a few things you can sell for a profit in a storage auction but the reality TV shows make it look like it happens more often than it does.


Myth 2: You can’t look inside a Storage Unit

Even though you aren’t allowed physically in the unit, you are allowed to look in it. This will give you a pretty good idea of the stuff that you will be bidding for. It is always a good idea to bring a flashlight so you can see all the way to the back of the unit.


Myth 3: All you need is a Check or Credit Card

This is of course false. If you are going to be placing a bid on a unit you need to have cash in hand. Make sure you bring enough for sales tax and the cost of cleaning the unit as well. Check with the facility manager to see what the fees are.


Myth 4: You can keep everything

While you can keep what you buy in a storage unit auction, some facilities will ask you to return any personal memorabilia you find in the unit such as photo albums or family movies.


Myth 5: Storage Facilities rake in Profit from Auctions

This is also not true. Storage facilities are required by law to only keep the amount that is overdue in rent and the costs of having the auction. The money generated over this amount is given to the tenant of the unit.


Myth 6: Take your Time Emptying out the Unit

It is standard with most auctions that you have until the end of the day to clean out the unit you purchased. Occasionally you can rent out the unit for a month or so to have time in emptying out the contents, you just have to check with the facility manager.



Before placing your electronic devices in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, you will want to make sure you are preparing them properly to ensure they won’t get damaged during their stay. The goal is to have your electronics ready to plug in and use the day you take it out of your unit. Below are some tips for you to try when preparing your electronics for storage.





Preparing your Electronic Devices

Many electronics such as computers, printers, and televisions, come with owner’s manuals or have owner’s manuals on a website for instruction pertaining to their use. These instructions can also recommend how to properly pack and store that specific item. Don’t forget to remove any CDs or DVDs from your electronics before unplugging. Moving these items while they are still in the DVD or CD player will cause damage to the CD or DVD and even the console itself.


Keep Track of Necessary Pieces

Most electronics come with a variety of cords and often complicated connections. Take a picture of the connections and how they are supposed to be set up before you disassemble and pack up. This way you can save the hassle of trying to remember how exactly you got your electronics to work last time. Bundle all coordinating wires together and label them. Any small connections or parts can be stored together in plastic bag and then placed in the box with the rest of the accessories or taped to the outside of the box or container if you are lacking in space.


Packing your Electronics

If possible store the item in the box it originally came in. These boxes and packing supplies are made to specifically fit that particular electronic. If you have already tossed the box, you can always purchase the necessary packing supplies. Remember to purchase anti-static foam to place over the top of computer and TV screens. A filler must also be used inside of the box to make sure your electronics don’t move around in transit. Sealing the box tightly and accurately will help protect the item from any outside damage. Try to get the best moving boxes available or plastic totes big enough to store the electronics you want to keep safe.


Label Everything

Label your boxes and be as specific as possible. List all electronics and parts stored within that box. This will save you time when you go back to your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo to retrieve one specific item.



Place your packed electronics in the back of your storage unit and preferably off the floor. Purchasing shelving or elevating the boxes on pallets or tarps can help protect your items from possible damage. 



As an avid book lover you will want to show off the collection you have created over the years. To help you in the process you can sort through the ones you want to keep close at hand and store the rest in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. Below we have provided you with some creative ways to display your beloved books in your home.


Make Books part of the Décor

Incorporating your books onto your extra shelving or on your coffee table will add that extra personal touch your home needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your placement. Using books to display other decorations such as candles or trinkets upon a shelf can help on storage space and still give you a unique design.


Books you’re Currently Reading

Keep the books you are currently reading close at hand. While some may prefer to lounge in their favorite chair or lie in bed with a good book, storing it close by is a must. Get creative with your bedroom book storage options. Rethink the décor of the foot of your bed. Adding a small bookshelf can store all of your favorite stories like a mini library. Adding shelving above your headboard is another option. If you prefer a more hidden and organized approach you can always add book storage under your bed.


Use as Space Dividers

For those living in crammed quarters or studio apartments, space dividers are often needed to distinguish a bedroom from the living room. Using a book shelf to divide your space in a creative and modern way can help you do just that. This provides a place for your books to be on display as well as giving you the needed privacy in your small space.


Convert your Closet

If you so happen to have an empty closet that is dying to be filled, books can be your solution. Adding shelving might be a necessity but this allows for the storage of your books all in one place. This will also work as a concealed storing option for those who have children or don’t want their books on display all of the time.


Expand on Existing Storage

This is the time to use that extra dresser holding unneeded junk. By storing books within a dresser you can re-purpose the storage you already have and stay organized. This works especially well in children’s bedrooms because children’s books are often thin, allowing for more storage space in dresser drawers. 



Whether you are transitioning to an empty nester or you upgraded your bedroom furniture you need to know how to properly prepare your mattress and bed frame for its stay in your storage unit at All American Self Storage In San Mateo, CA. Below are some steps you should follow to properly store your mattress and bedframe.


Clean Thoroughly

Before placing your items in storage you will want to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned. The easiest way to clean a mattress is to vacuum it on both sides to remove as much dirt and dust as you can. Follow up by using an upholstery cleaner. To properly clean your bedframe you can just use soap and water to remove any dirt or dust. Make sure everything is completely dry before placing it in your storage unit.


Disassemble your Bedframe

To make the move from your home to your storage unit easier you will want to disassemble your bedframe as much as you can. Make sure you keep track of all of the parts and take note of where they belong. The easiest way to do this is to take pictures of where each screw, nut, and bolt belongs before removing it. Place all the small parts of the bedframe in a plastic bag and attach it to the bedframe itself so you don’t end up misplacing vital parts.


Protect your Items

While your mattress and bedframe is in storage you will want to take the proper precautions in protecting them from dust or moisture. High quality mattress bags can be purchased fairly cheaply. Make sure there are no rips or tears in the mattress bag. To cover and protect your bedframe you can use sheets or drop cloths. Avoid using plastic covers. These tend to trap moisture and cause a buildup of mildew.


Placement in your Unit

When placing your mattress in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo, CA you will want to make sure you have enough space to lay it flat. Placing it in your storage unit on its side can damage the inner workings of your mattress and warp it. Elevate the mattress up off the floor of the storage unit by using pallets or a tarp. Place your bedframe in a place that will keep it from falling or getting damaged.


Moving can be stressful and difficult when you are going through the process. Doing anything to help ease the process is a must. To help you in your moving endeavors we at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA can provide you with a storage unit to help you in storing the things you just don’t need to move right away. Below, we have listed some tips for you to try to make your move a little easier.


Pack a Bag for your First Night

To help ease the transition in moving from one home to another, it will help to pack an overnight bag. Make sure to pack enough clothing and essentials to last you a few days while you unpack all of your belongings in your new home. If moving to an apartment or a rental it might be worth keeping a few cleaning supplies with you. This way you can ensure your living space is up to your standards in cleanliness.


Use what you have for Packing

To save on money on packing supplies it is smart to use what you have. By utilizing luggage and duffle bags you can pack a large amount of your belongings. By rolling up clothing and placing them between fragile items you can save on purchasing bubble wrap.


Pack by Room and Stay Organized

In order to save time and remain organized it is important to pack by room. Doing this will make it easier when you have unpack in your new home. Be precise and take the time to label all of your boxes. While it may take more time to pack, you will be thankful you took the time to be so organized.


Sort and Purge as you Pack

Packing and moving is the best time to go through your all of your belongings and get rid of what you don’t use or want anymore. You will be surprised how much you actually don’t use every day. By storing your items at All American Storage in Redwood City, CA or throwing away your belongings you can make your move just that much easier.