Has your bedroom become drab and unorganized lately? It is a lot easier than you think to give your bedroom the refresh it needs. Storing the unnecessary items that have accumulated in your bedroom in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City is a great way to start. We have also gathered some steps you can take to get your bedroom back to where you want it to be. 


Do ALL the Laundry

The main culprit of a messy and disorganized room is laundry. Gather up all the dirty clothes that have accumulated on your floor and dresser and toss them in the laundry basket. Follow up with gathering your sheets, pillow cases, and comforter. As you start the laundry make sure you complete each load by folding and putting away your clothing and making your bed. Doing the laundry and having clean sheets is a great start to giving your bedroom the refresh it needs. 



Looking around the room you are bound to notice the piles of clutter that have accumulated on all of the flat surfaces. Remove piles of paper and toss them in the recycling bin. Gather any dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Go through the piles of miscellaneous items and decide what you should keep, donate, or store in your storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City


Clean the Surfaces

Now that you have cleared all the clutter off of your surfaces you can properly clean them. Grab a rag and cleaning products to help you dust and wipe off all the surfaces in your room. Picking a cleaning product with a fresh sent can help give a cleaner feel to the room. 


Organize your Dresser and Nightstands

If you find it hard to clothes the drawers and your dresser and nightstands, it may be time to go through them and organize the mess. Making or purchasing dividers for your drawers can help you to keep your drawers organized and in working order. 



Your bedroom should be a place in which you can relax in a serene atmosphere. Remove the clutter that is causing unnecessary stress in your life. Try not to decorate with an overabundance of small accessories. Add a cozy rug or a few decorative pillows to bring a sense of comfort to your newly refreshed room.   



We at All American Self Storage in Redwood City care about the safety and security of your items in our facility. We can also provide you with a variety of sized storage units to suit your particular storage needs. Give us a call or stop by our facility for more information today. 


As the summer months come to a close it will be time to switch out your warm summer outfits for something a little more cozy. To get the most out of your closet space you can transfer seasonal clothing from your home to a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. Before placing your clothing in storage for the season there are some steps of preparation you should take. 


Clean Everything

Before placing anything into storage you will want to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Machine wash or dry clean all of your clothing according to the directions on their tags. Storing dirty clothes could attract unwanted guests and/or cause damage to the clothing during its stay in your storage unit. If your clothing needs to be repaired take the time to do it now. Sew anything that has ripped and remove any unsightly stains. 



Preparing shoes for storage is just as important as preparing your clothing. You will want to clean your shoes as best as you can. Polish shoes that require it. This way when you are ready for your summer wardrobe again they will be ready to wear.



Now is the perfect time to sort through your summer wardrobe and see if you can toss or donate the clothing you don’t wear. When it comes to donations you have a few options. You can ask your friends if they are interested in any items you are getting rid of. You also have the option of selling your clothing to consignment shops, hosting a garage sale, or donating it to a local Goodwill. 



Now that you have washed, dried, and sorted through all of you clothing it is time to pack it up and place it in storage. The best packing option for you clothes is to fold and place them in sealable plastic bins. This will protect your clothes from any unwanted damage during their stay. For larger clothing items you will want to consider buying garment bags, hangers, and a rollaway clothing rack. Hang the larger piece of clothing and cover with the garment bag to protect it from any dirt or dust that may accumulate. 



Regularly switching seasonal clothing in and out of your closet is the best way to stay organized and give yourself the most storage space available in your closet. If you find that you closet is still overflowing with a variety of items you can always place those items in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in San Mateo. Our facility works hard to protect your items during their stay. For more information about our storage units and our facility give us a call today. 


When you are running a business, whether out of the office or out of your home, you can be quickly over run with paperwork, furniture, and machinery. Even with all of the technological devices and software systems, sometimes having a lot of objects in your workspace is unavoidable. From marketing materials to bad print jobs, a buildup of clutter can happen before you even realize it. This build up may be avoidable with a great organizational system, and business storage in Redwood City, CA. It could change the way you see your business, and the space that you work in. 


Overflowing Cabinets


Have you stuffed as many files into the filing cabinet as you can, and the drawers no longer close? Then you probably are in desperate need of more filing space. Yes, more filing cabinets may be the solution to your overflow ordeal, but then filing cabinets could begin to take up the space you are ultimately attempting to save.  Getting a storage unit for your business will give you a set space to put the additional filing cabinets needed to hold your extra paperwork, so you are no longer have to attempt to dig yourself out of the paper overflow. 


More Office Space


Sometimes you don’t have the largest work area, and you are being drowned by your office. Clear out some of those items and put them in s storage specifically for your business. You will be able to have access to those things you need, but may currently not be using. That will free up some of your office space. Working in the right environment is directly related to your productivity. Giving yourself more space without the clutter could lead to an increase in your overall business growth.


Large or Small Inventory


A business storage unit can be a great extremely beneficial to your business regardless if you have larger or smaller inventory. Smaller inventory may simply consist of files, office supplies, or project materials. Larger items may consist of office printers, retail inventory, and large construction tools and materials which may all be kept safe in storage. Traveling sales people, entrepreneurs, and even corporations can all benefit from getting themselves a business storage unit.



You may have never realized it, but getting a business storage unit may be just what you need to take your business to the next level. From organizational needs to furniture storage, businesses across all industry’s can benefit from having a storage unit just for their work and inventory. 


The movement in the direction of energy efficiency – going “green” – is very important to many Californians. Protecting the environment via recycling and not littering, as well as water conservation, are focuses of many of the people who live in the state. More and more businesses are doing their part to create a better environment for their neighbors and residents as well as to remain mindful of the waste that may be adding to the overall environmental problems. There is even a storage facility in San Mateo that is utilizing a green program that they have created for themselves. Here are some things you can look for to see if the company you are thinking about doing business with believes in going green.


Energy Efficient Lighting


Back before companies and individuals were going “green”, one of the first things environmental conservationist told people to do was check and see if they were using energy efficient light bulbs. If they were not, they recommended changing them out to keep electricity usage down and bills low. Now these light bulbs are a part of any green plan. Replacing burned out bulbs with lower energy consumption light bulbs keeps the energy cost of the whole facility down. If there is a burned out bulb in your unit, it will be replaced with one of the same type of light bulbs.


Cardboard Recycling


Everyone knows after you move you have several packing boxes that need to be discarded. Most of the time, those boxes end up in the dumpster with all of the other garbage, but cardboard is something that can be and should be recycled. For those who don’t have time to cut up the boxes as some require, being able to take the boxes to their storage facility for them to recycle is a major convenience. Clients can get rid of their boxes and help the environment.


Turf Replacement


Water usage has been a big issue for California, so any company willing to do what they can to conserve water is one who cares about their community and the betterment of their environment as a whole. Replacing grass with artificial turf to reduce the water used is a great example of how a company can go green. 



Not every company is going to change the way it does things to help out the environment. You can be confident your San Mateo storage company cares about protecting you and the planet. 


When faced with the decision of what to do with one’s boat during winter, the first option that runs through the minds of many is how to find a storage facility. It normally seems like a straightforward procedure, but before taking the boat out of the water, here are some absolute necessities.


The first thing one should do is make sure their boat is in good shape. If not, they must at least know how close it is to being perfect. Take it for one last spin to note everything that requires maintenance and repair. This is especially important because for many people, winter storage is much more than just looking for extra space. It is the time when they most likely do the boat repairs and maintenance. Those who do not want to spend all spring fiddling with boat parts might want to do this during winter.

When one finds the San Mateo storage facility for their boat, the next best thing should be to have the boat cleaned. Give the hull a thorough scrubbing, removing all the debris and slime that might have settled. Remember to give it enough time to dry out before it goes into storage. The interior not be forgotten, with things like refrigerator cabinets cleaned.

Depending on how long one plans to have the boat in storage, it is important to take care of the engine. Have the gas tank full and add a fuel stabilizer to reduce instances of stabilization. A clever trick after doing this is to have the boat engine running for a few minutes in order to make sure the fuel and the additives have gone all the way through the system, through the fuel lines and the engine. Also, replace filters and change the engine oil, check the clamps, belts and hoses. If possible, also flush the coolant system with water and add anti-freeze.

After the removal of the engine, clean out the head and other areas. Also, it is recommended that boat owners remove all electronics, like batteries, and store them in a warm and dry place. For the battery, the terminals should be cleaned to remove corrosion, then greased lightly. It should also be given a full charge and all fluid levels checked before use. 


Only experts understand what it takes to store a boat. At the All American Self-storage, our resident experts will go through all this with the boat owner to make sure their boat and all its components are safe through the winter. Contact us today for a quotation today!