Getting ready to go back to school

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School is going to start in less than a month. Summer has flown by so fast, and it is time to prepare for school. Stores have started their back to school sales and it is time to register for classes. Everyone needs to get ready: parents, teachers, and students. It can be sad to accept the reality that summer is almost over and it is time to get back into a routine. COVID-19 has complicated schooling and many students have had to adjust. Schools have taken a few different routes: at home online learning, hybrid learning (going to school some days then staying at home for a few), and fully in school but with masks.

Be aware of what your school district is doing regarding masks, hybrid learning, and online learning. Some schools offer a choice of online or in person classes. Consult your spouse or partner to decide what is the best for your child. This decision will also influence what school supplies, if any, your child needs. Clothes shopping may also be something that needs to be done before school starts. Check your Storage Redwood City CA unit for school supplies and clothing that can be used for this upcoming school year.

Older students, kids in middle school or high school, will need to get their schedule and check with their counselor to ensure they are on track to graduate. Students that can drive will most likely need a school issued parking pass.

The start of a new school year can be super exciting and stressful. Getting ahead on getting supplies and knowing your kids schedules can get you ahead. It is better to be done early than rushing at the last second. We hope you have an enjoyable, and stress free start to the school year.

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