Guide to Choosing the Best Self Storage Facility

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You’re reading this blog article because you’re most likely in the market for a self storage unit and you want to find the best San Mateo storage facility. You might get lucky and find that the best facility is also the closest facility but not everyone is that lucky. It is smart to expand your search radius enough that you have several facilities to choose from. Selecting the best self storage facility takes careful consideration to make sure you are selecting a self storage facility that is the safest and most accessible for what you need to store. With this article, we’ll go over the key things to look for and consider when making your choice for the best self storage facility to meet your needs.

You have probably heard location, location, location before. While not the end all factor to choosing a storage facility, it is a very important one. Depending on how often you need to access your belongings, you might be at your self storage unit quite often and the closer it is the better. On the flip side of this, if you think you will rarely be at your self storage unit, it is much less a concern and critical factor when making your choice. And it isn’t only proximity that matters but equally important is accessibility. What are the access hours? Is it along a road or freeway system that makes for easy access?

The next most important factor to consider would be the self storage facility’s security features. Gated access, video surveillance, good lighting, onsite manager. These are all key consideration when making your selection. Right along side security factors is the variety of storage unit sizes the facility offers. You might find that you rented too large of a self storage unit or one that isn’t large enough. Moving self storage units within the facility will be much easier if you want to upgrade or downgrade your self storage unit size.

When checking out San Mateo storage facilities you will want to pay close attention to how well maintained the facility is and how clean it is kept. It goes without saying that pricing is an important factor. Don’t base your decision on this factor alone though. If you do, you might well regret it by compromising on other key factors. Some of those other key factors are payment options, insurance options, Google reviews, onsite manager customer service level and any other special amenities you might be looking for.

In summary, take the time to consider all the main decision making factors based off of your needs. Find that balance and by doing your due diligence, you’re much more likely to make a great choice.

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