How to prevent a pest infestation

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If pests get into your storage unit they can get into your items and destroy them. But luckily you can take precautionary steps to prevent them from getting into your unit.

What kind of pests can get into your Storage in San Mateo?

Rodents and mice: These animals can get into tiny cracks and holes in your unit. They will eat and chew anything they can get to. They also reproduce very quickly.

Bed bugs: Bed bugs get into units very easily and they can spread from unit to unit very quickly. These bugs go a very long time without food and they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Other bugs: other bugs such as ants, roaches, etc.. can also infiltrate your unit

What can be done to prevent these pests from getting in? What can you do if they do?
Minimize or get rid of any food on or around your packages. It is super fun to have food for those who helped you, but save that until you are back home.
Use plastic containers with a tight seal instead of cardboard. These take up less space and pests can not get inside.
Get raised pallets to set your boxes on. Pests will not be able to get under your boxes.
Use pest sprays and other deterrents such as mouse traps.
Check your unit often, and check your items to make sure nothing has gotten in and destroyed things.
If you find pests, call a professional who will take care of it. They can also give you some tips and tricks for who to prevent that from happening again.
Check for cracks or holes in your unit and fill them to ensure that the pests will not get in that way.
Clean any kitchen appliances to ensure that there are no traces of food, any food can and will attract pests.

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