How to Properly Store your Couch

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Knowing how to properly store any piece of furniture you own is vital to ensure its integrity during its stay in a storage unit at All American Self Storage in Redwood City. We want to make sure your items are safe and secure during their stay so we have provided you with some preparations you should take before placing your couch in storage.

Clean It
Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Buildup of dust and dirt can damage the integrity of the couch, especially its fabric. Do some research and find the best way to clean the fabric of your couch. Vacuum out any food crumbs or dirt you can find. Any leftover food particles could attract unwanted guests to your storage unit. After cleaning make sure your couch is completely dry before placing it into a storage unit.

Find the Right Storage Unit

The size of your storage unit will matter when it comes to storing larger pieces of furniture. Measure your couch to gather the appropriate dimensions you will need in a storage unit. You will want to make sure you have enough room in the unit to place the couch flat on its feet. Make sure you give yourself enough room for additional padding or covering that may be placed over the couch as well. All American Self Storage in Redwood City has a variety of sizes when it comes to self-storage units and we can easily find you one that will suit all of your storage needs.

Protect your Couch
You will want to protect quality of your couch while it is placed in storage. To protect your couch during its travel to your new storage unit, dismantle all the parts you can to help you for easier lifting and moving. Before leaving it in storage you will want to protect your couch by covering it with a sheet or drop cloth to protect it from accruing dust, dirt, or moisture. Never use plastic couch coverings. These just cause a build-up of moisture thus causing the growth of mildew.

Store it Off the Ground
While you need to place the couch flat in your storage unit, it is still wise to find a way to lift it off the storage room floor. Placing your couch on pallets or on a tarp can protect it from any harm that may occur from an unexpected spill. Try to avoid placing or storing anything on the couch as it may cause indentations on the frame or cushions.

Following the steps above will help you in keeping your couch in tip top shape during its stay, no matter how long. For more storage tips give All American Self Storage in Redwood City a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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