How to Revamp your Home after your Children have Moved Out

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As your children become adults and venture off into the world you are soon left with a house of your own. What to do with the stuff they left behind and the now empty house is up to you. All American Self Storage in San Mateo can help you make room for revamping your home after your children have moved out on their own.


Get the Family Involved

A lot of what you will be organizing had once belonged to your children. By having them over to help you organize you not only can sort through a large amount of belongings, but you can have some quality family time as well. Your children are the perfect ones to help you decide what you can and cannot use in the future, and they might even be willing to take some items to their own homes.


The 3-pile Organization Method

When going through your items it is suggested you sort them into 3 specific piles: Keep, Donate, or Throw Away. If you notice your Keep pile is growing larger in size compared to the other piles you might want to consider renting a storage unit. We at All American Self Storage in San Mateo will help you in keeping those items you can’t seem to part with. Take your time with the organization process and make sure you are taking the steps you need to make your home your own.


Get Creative with Room Options

Now that those extra bedrooms are empty you can get creative what to do with this new space. Now is the opportunity to have an at home office, craft room, or in home gym. You can use some of the existing furniture you already own to make the space you own and save on redecorating costs.


Children’s Items on Display

While you will always love your children, and often miss them being in your home, it is important to not display too much of your children’s items in your home. This helps with the transition of the empty nester process and allows you to have that much more space to make your own. Offer to give those sentimental items to your children or place them in storage. This way you can still have those special items in your life.

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