How to Store Your Clothing Long-Term

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Many of our clients here at All American Self Storage in Redwood City, CA use their unit to store clothing or other fabrics. If you take time to properly prepare and pack your belongings, they are less likely to be damaged during their sojourn here with us.


Before you store anything, clean, deodorize, and dry thoroughly. Any moisture will damage your clothing. This is one of the biggest steps to packing for long-term storage that is overlooked and will make a world of difference in keeping your items in good condition.

Choose your container wisely

The ideal container for your clothes is a plastic storage bin with a clipping lid. These resist water, pests, and hold their shape well, making them easily stackable. Labeling these containers is easy to do and you can organize by color if that is your method. As you pack, inspect the items carefully – are there stains or small holes? Will you for sure want to wear it again? Is it a timeless look or more trendy? For any of these items, sometimes it is better to recycle them to a thrift store, etc. than to store long-term. Add few dehumidifying packs inside and seal them up.

What about cardboard?

Please understand, we want you to save money, but cardboard boxes are not the best for storage in a storage unit long term. They break down, have holes for pests, and will not keep your belongings clean and dry. They work great for short-term moves, etc., but even the best boxes are not great for long-term storage.

Those vacuum bags are cool

They certainly are, but also not indicated for long-term clothes storage. The vacuum bags ruin your clothes if there is any trace moisture in them or if your clothing is delicate. Some people have reported that these bags harm the fabrics of finer clothing, like linen. Vacuum sealed storage bags work wonderfully for seasonal storage of clothes and in your home rather than in a storage facility like All American Self Storage in Redwood City.

If you need any advice on the best way to pack your clothing for storage, please don’t hesitate to ask; we love to help!

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