Is Your Storage Facility Green?

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The movement in the direction of energy efficiency – going “green” – is very important to many Californians. Protecting the environment via recycling and not littering, as well as water conservation, are focuses of many of the people who live in the state. More and more businesses are doing their part to create a better environment for their neighbors and residents as well as to remain mindful of the waste that may be adding to the overall environmental problems. There is even a storage facility in San Mateo that is utilizing a green program that they have created for themselves. Here are some things you can look for to see if the company you are thinking about doing business with believes in going green.


Energy Efficient Lighting


Back before companies and individuals were going “green”, one of the first things environmental conservationist told people to do was check and see if they were using energy efficient light bulbs. If they were not, they recommended changing them out to keep electricity usage down and bills low. Now these light bulbs are a part of any green plan. Replacing burned out bulbs with lower energy consumption light bulbs keeps the energy cost of the whole facility down. If there is a burned out bulb in your unit, it will be replaced with one of the same type of light bulbs.


Cardboard Recycling


Everyone knows after you move you have several packing boxes that need to be discarded. Most of the time, those boxes end up in the dumpster with all of the other garbage, but cardboard is something that can be and should be recycled. For those who don’t have time to cut up the boxes as some require, being able to take the boxes to their storage facility for them to recycle is a major convenience. Clients can get rid of their boxes and help the environment.


Turf Replacement


Water usage has been a big issue for California, so any company willing to do what they can to conserve water is one who cares about their community and the betterment of their environment as a whole. Replacing grass with artificial turf to reduce the water used is a great example of how a company can go green. 



Not every company is going to change the way it does things to help out the environment. You can be confident your San Mateo storage company cares about protecting you and the planet. 

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