Is your storage unit ready for the New Year?

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New Year’s Eve is almost here! After the year we have had I think everyone is ready to move on. But is your storage unit ready? The holidays bring laughter and fun but they also bring lots of decorations that need to be taken down and stored. In addition to the variety of new gifts. Things tend to get messy and unorganized with the craziness of the post-holiday rush. Packing your decorations in your storage unit can help declutter your home. Your decorations will be safe and sound until the next holiday season.

Start the new year right by cleaning and dejunking your storage unit. This can be done when you go to put your holiday decorations away. Doing this can prevent problems from forming in the future. You can know what you have and how much available space you have. That way when you do have new things to move, you can know if you have room for it. Things are less likely to get lost in the chaos of taking and putting boxes in your storage unit.

After looking and evaluating your unit you can also begin to think about getting a different sized one to fit your needs. That could mean buying a larger one for bigger things or downsizing because you do not need all that room anymore. Take your time and weigh the pro’s and con’s of each option. Once you know what size you need be sure to make the change.

We want you to have an amazing New Year! Do not forget about your Storage Redwood City CA. Make this year easier by taking care of it now.

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