Packing up Christmas decorations

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Christmas has come and gone and it is time to pack up the decorations. Taking Christmas decorations can seem daunting. There is a lot to do from packing away Christmas ornaments to taking your tree down. Christmas decorations can take up space in a storage room. Instead of cluttering up your house with boxes of decorations, place them in a Storage Redwood City CA unit. Getting a storage unit gives you a place to keep your decorations until next year without the hassle of keeping them in your home. Storage units can also hold items like old clothes, books, and other keepsakes that you wish to keep.

Christmas ornaments
Ornaments can be fragile and tough to pack as the shapes and sizes vary. The process of taking ornaments off the tree can take some time. Make sure you have set aside enough to completely finish the project. Have paper and bubble wrap ready to be used to wrap ornaments in. Wrapping ornaments in these materials keeps your ornaments safe and secure. Once wrapped, place ornaments in a box with a lid. Keep your ornaments in the same box to ensure none are lost. Label any boxes with ornaments inside.

Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are big and bulky. After taking them down, keep them in the original packaging. The original packaging was built to keep your tree contained and smaller. Keep all parts of the tree together, taking care to get any small pieces in the box. Some trees can be disassembled and packed in the box in parts. Other trees are one piece and will have to be put in the box as a whole. Light strands are fragile so take care when packing. One broken bulb on a strand can affect the whole strand.

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