Storing Appliances and technology

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Appliances and technology can be difficult to transport and store. One wrong move and they could be damaged. Packaging and carefully transporting are critical steps.

The very first thing that needs to be done is clean the appliances thoroughly. Get rid of any dust, food crumbs, lint, and other small particles. Remove any wires or tubes that are reattachable. Clean any tubes that can not be taken off to prevent mold from growing. Spray appliances with pest deterrents. Even though your appliance is clean, pests can still hide in any nooks or crannies.

When beginning to pack your appliance be extra aware of any fragile parts. Doors or movable parts may move so tape them shut and pad them. Pack with padding or packing blankets to prevent dents or scratches. If needed find some bubble wrap.

When transporting keep appliances upright. Pack your moving car in a way that keeps everything safe and without risk of damage. When they are placed in your Storage San Mateo CA keep them upright. If you own pallets consider placing your appliances on top to keep pests from getting on and in your things.

Read through the manual, and see if any precautions need to be taken. If you happen to have kept the original packaging use it again. This packaging was made for your specific piece of technology. If you do not have the original box use antistatic foam. Anti Static foam will keep different electronics from rubbing against each other and protect any screens. Add filler material if needed. When placed in your unit avoid placing things on top of any electronics. Doing this could cause damage. Keep everything above the ground and away from pests.

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