Tips For a Successful Yard Sale

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Throwing a yard sale is a great way to get rid of a bunch of things that you don’t use and free up some space in your home. It’s always a good way to make some extra cash on the side. Yard sales can be fun but you should take some additional steps to make sure it’s a success. If you find things you want to keep while going through stuff to sell but don’t have room, just store it in San Mateo storage for the time being. Here are some of our favorite tips for a successful yard sale.


Spread the Word

The best way to get people to come to your yard sale is to really market it. Post on all of your social media sites that you use so that your friends and family can see and even share your posts with their followers. If you have a local newspaper, considering putting an ad in the paper. You can also make signs using strong, bold print before hanging them up around your neighborhood with the date and time of the sale and an arrow pointing in the right direction.

Enlist Help

It’s pretty much impossible to throw a yard sale all by yourself. It can get tricky once multiple people start showing up. Enlist help from friends, neighbors, and family members to make the job easier. They can also play a big role in helping you set everything up and take it all down. They can also help you by cleaning and prepping everything before the day of the sale.

Organize Your Layout

Nobody wants to rummage through a pile of stuff without any organization. We recommend planning your layout beforehand and dividing things by type. For example, put all of your clothing on one side of your lawn and all of the electronics on another. Having tables will help keep things organized. Putting labels next to things will also help a great deal.

Set Prices

If you don’t set prices beforehand, you might have to deal with some haggling. We recommend setting a price for everything before the sale to avoid any potential confusion. If you can, set out labels with all of the pricing so that people don’t have to track you down for a price on every single item.

Have Fun With It

Make your yard sale a fun place for people to stop by. Rather than just having people shop in silence, play some light background music to really set some ambiance. Have water and other refreshments on hand to keep everybody happy. Just make sure to have a garbage can nearby so you can easily keep things clean.


We hope these tips help you throw the perfect yard sale. If you find that you still have belongings left over afterwards, just put them into All American Self Storage and hold onto them until your next big yard sale.

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