Choosing Self-Storage for Old Furniture

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Most of the time, when one finds their hose full, one of the first things they think about getting rid of are the pieces of furniture. Still, what happens if that couch or chair one wishes to get rid of is an old classic, or a piece with historical  significance that they do not want to get rid of at a yard sale? This is where a reputable San Mateo Self-Storage facility will come in handy. Given the nature of such old furniture and the need to keep them in shape until space is available, look at the following conditions when choosing furniture storage.


Furniture comes in different shapes and sizes, so do storage units. To get the best deal, it is important to know just how big the furniture is, and how much space is required to store it. Remember that no matter the size of the furniture, there is always a storage unit available that can accommodate it. Most companies often have units of different sizes, so knowing the dimensions of the furniture makes the process of choosing much smoother and easier for everyone.

Type of storage

Self-storage companies offer much more than just the closed container type storage. There are open ended units flexible enough to store big items, and the smaller units, which although enclosed are well fitted. The size of the furniture will determine the size of storage facility, but the nature should also be an important consideration. For leather, for instance, choose a facility that is temperature controlled to avoid the accumulation of moisture, or the air getting too dry.


Storing old pieces of furniture should not be too costly. Still, nobody wants to have their furniture stored in a less than suitable facility because they chose the cheaper option. With this in mind, it is important to find the cheapest possible company that offers the required service. When making a choice, visit several facilities and ask for quotations. Most will likely need a little information from the client, often asking them to fill in forms. Visit or contact at least three companies before making a final decision.

Needless to say, choose a facility that has a strong security presence and features, one that can be easily accessed and one whose staff are friendly and helpful.


At the All American Self-Storage, our staff will provide the space needed for any customer storage needs, with a guarantee of quality and safety. Do not hesitate to call us with any storage related needs.

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