Winter Boat Storage Tips

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When faced with the decision of what to do with one’s boat during winter, the first option that runs through the minds of many is how to find a storage facility. It normally seems like a straightforward procedure, but before taking the boat out of the water, here are some absolute necessities.


The first thing one should do is make sure their boat is in good shape. If not, they must at least know how close it is to being perfect. Take it for one last spin to note everything that requires maintenance and repair. This is especially important because for many people, winter storage is much more than just looking for extra space. It is the time when they most likely do the boat repairs and maintenance. Those who do not want to spend all spring fiddling with boat parts might want to do this during winter.

When one finds the San Mateo storage facility for their boat, the next best thing should be to have the boat cleaned. Give the hull a thorough scrubbing, removing all the debris and slime that might have settled. Remember to give it enough time to dry out before it goes into storage. The interior not be forgotten, with things like refrigerator cabinets cleaned.

Depending on how long one plans to have the boat in storage, it is important to take care of the engine. Have the gas tank full and add a fuel stabilizer to reduce instances of stabilization. A clever trick after doing this is to have the boat engine running for a few minutes in order to make sure the fuel and the additives have gone all the way through the system, through the fuel lines and the engine. Also, replace filters and change the engine oil, check the clamps, belts and hoses. If possible, also flush the coolant system with water and add anti-freeze.

After the removal of the engine, clean out the head and other areas. Also, it is recommended that boat owners remove all electronics, like batteries, and store them in a warm and dry place. For the battery, the terminals should be cleaned to remove corrosion, then greased lightly. It should also be given a full charge and all fluid levels checked before use. 


Only experts understand what it takes to store a boat. At the All American Self-storage, our resident experts will go through all this with the boat owner to make sure their boat and all its components are safe through the winter. Contact us today for a quotation today!

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