Tips for a Smooth Move

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Moving is daunting, and it is definitely a process. It might be one that you are not too excited about doing. Through the use of the tips and tricks out there, there are many ways for you to have a smoother, more beneficial move without the hassle and struggles that you might have gone through before. With these tips, you can ensure that your move is one of the best that youve had in quite some time.


Moving does not have to be a constant struggle, and it can go as smoothly as you would ever hope it would. Feel good about the choice that you made to move forward with the right moving tips, as well as the right storage in San Mateo.


Smoother Moving Means a More Comfortable You


  Make a To-Do list and stick with it

  Make sure to organize everything and get rid of items ahead of time, room by room

  Clearly mark up all of the boxes that you pack up, so you know what is in them and which room they belong to

  Keep a box or overnight bags with a few nights worth of items that youre going to need when the items in the new home are not yet ready and unpacked

  Dont forget to empty and clean out the fridge. You want to move these items last, since they can go bad if theyre forgotten about

  Pack all valuables and memories inside your car, and not inside a truck or storage unit. You cannot replace these and you shouldnt have to

  Pack heavier items inside smaller boxes, and lighter items inside larger boxes

  Make sure to give your kids jobs during the move. This keeps them busy and makes them feel useful during the transition

  Enjoy any and all help that is provided to you. When someone asks, take the offer. The less you have to do on your own, the better


Finding the Ideal Storage in San Mateo


Speak with us at All American Self Storage, where youre able to choose the right storage unit for the needs that you have. Having storage in San Mateo can provide you with an easy way to unload, load up and head to the new home knowing that your items are in safe hands throughout the time that you choose to store with them. Make the most of it, and give us a call today to set up a storage unit of your own.

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