Organizing your Laundry Room

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Most laundry rooms are known as the king of all cluttered rooms. This room has gained a toss and go reputation when it comes to dirty clothes, clean clothes, and even laundry accessories. A cluttered laundry room can cause more stress then is needed in your already hectic life. We at All American Self Storage in San Mateo want to help you in conquering the clutter that has overtaken your laundry room. Below are some steps you can take to having a more organized laundry room.

Maximize the Storage Potential

Laundry rooms are definitely not the biggest rooms of the house. We are often forced to deal with what little space this room provides. Take advantage of the space you do have by creating organized storage to keep all of your necessary laundry accessories and clothing. Use all the wall space you have available for shelving and cupboards to store all the necessities you may need while doing your laundry. You can even create little nooks for separate laundry baskets to help you in the process of completing a load of laundry.


Have Help

Teaching children how to do laundry when they are of the right age can actually help them in the long run and lessen the burden of this chore for you. Walk them through the fundamentals of this chore so they don’t have any laundry mishaps. Explain the importance of sorting your lights from darks and how much laundry detergent is acceptable to use in a single load of laundry. Once the have the fundamentals in place they can be in charge of doing their own laundry to completion thus giving you a clean and organized laundry room.


Scheduling is a Must

Now that you have little helpers doing laundry you will want to set up a schedule for each person’s laundry day. This will reduce the fighting as well as the clutter in the laundry room.


Smaller Loads

Doing a small load to completion each day will help you to stay on top of the clothing that could easily pile up and get out of hand. To help you do this you can purchase a few laundry baskets to help you in the sorting process. As you gather the dirty clothing you plan to wash you can easily separate and toss them into their proper laundry baskets. Do just one basket at a time to completion and you will never have a huge mess of clothes to deal with.


Just because laundry isn’t something we all look forward to doing doesn’t mean it has to be miserable and create a mess in the process. Organizing your laundry room can help you ease the stress of this mundane task. If you find that you are short on space when organizing your laundry room you can trust All American Self Storage in San Mateo to provide you with the perfect storage unit. Call us today to learn more about our units and our facility.

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