Easy ways to maximize your storage space in a dorm

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Many people have experienced the first year college dorm room. These dorm rooms are typically very small, simple, and do not come with a lot of storage space. College is crazy and students have a variety of things they need to bring and store. Because of the limited storage and the small nature of these rooms it can be hard for students to make sure they have everything organized and stored in a way that gives them the most amount of storage space.

Look at the types of dorms that the college offers before paying the deposit. Most colleges will have a description of the rooms, and sometimes have a 3D walkthrough of the space. Each dorm type has its advantages, it just depends on what the student wants. 


With rooms with only a closet and small set of drawers finding any unused small spaces can expand your room’s storage potential. Getting hangable shoe racks, hangers that can hang multiple pairs of pants, and other hangable storage can help you put more things in your closet, freeing up room for other things to go in your drawers. In addition to hangers there are hangable shelves you can put on blank walls using hooks. If there is space purchasing some cheap plastic drawers can also give your some more storage


When packing for college it is also important to remember that because you do not have a lot of storage, things you do not normally wear or use should probably not be packed up and put in your dorm. These items take up unnecessary space and can make your dorm feel cluttered. Any belongings you have but do not want to bring to college can be put in a Storage in San Mateo storage unit. This unit will keep your belongings safe until you want or need them again.

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