Using your unit during the start of school

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While at first thought your Storage in San Mateo storage unit may not seem like something that is especially useful during the transition from summer back to school it can be a great asset to utilize. Your unit can be used to store tons of different items. If you have limited space in your home a storage unit is a great place to store things long term, it can also be used to store school items that you will not be using for the summer months. Notebooks, pencils, and other supplies can take up unnecessary room, and nobody wants a reminder that school will be back in session within a few months. You can box up these items and store them in your storage unit, and get them back out again right before school starts.


Saving previously used school supplies can also help you save money as you may not need to buy new things like: pencils, notebooks, and binders. It can be a hassle to have to buy brand new school supplies when you had perfectly good supplies that were thrown away at the end of the previous school year. 


In addition to getting out your school supplies from your unit in the fall right as school starts, you can put seasonal warm weather items into your unit. You will not need things like lifejackets, pool floats, bikes, and other items. Trading out seasonal items can help you avoid cluttering your home with items and belongings you can not even use. 


The start of the school year is both exciting and incredibly stressful, using your storage unit for school supplies at the start of summer can help alleviate some of that stress. Being prepared in advance can save you from rushing to the store along with every other person that need school supplies at the last minute. 

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