Tailgating Preparation

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The weather is starting to get colder, and leaves are starting to change colors and fall. This also means that it is football tailgating season again! A tailgate has so many different possibilities: what food to have, furniture and seating, bringing yard games, and/or watching other football games while waiting to go into the stadium for your team’s game. Another thing that you may want to think about is where you will be putting all of your tailgating supplies in between your team’s games. 


A great place to keep your tailgating supplies is a Storage in San Mateo storage unit. Putting things in your storage unit keeps them out of your home or garage where they can make spaces feel cluttered and dirty. In addition to keeping your home open and clean, storing your items in a storage unit keeps them all together. You can have every tailgating thing you need all ready to go. Keeping everything in the same space makes it easier to pack up and leave, and it will take less time. Keeping everything together can also help you avoid losing anything in the transition from storage to the stadium parking lot back to storage. 


Food is something that for the most part should not be kept in your storage unit. For perishable items try to buy them a couple of days to one day before your tailgate. Store these in a refrigerator or containers. The night before your tailgate make a checklist and go through your food and find all of the containers and serving utensils that you may need. The morning of the tailgate will be less stressful as you will have gotten everything ready to go the night before. Then you can grab all of the food you need and head to your tailgate and enjoy good food and company. 

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