Using your unit during halloween

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Storage units are typically used for short term storage during a move or long term storage. Items that are placed in long term storage vary from person to person but typically there is furniture, books, valuables, antiques, old clothing, among other things. Another common thing put in storage is holiday decorations. Holiday decorations take up a lot of space, whether it is in your storage unit, garage, or other unit in your home. Instead of losing this valuable storage in your home, put these decorations in your unit. 


The most common decorations put up are for halloween and christmas. This means having two different sets of decorations that need to be swapped out as the seasons change. Keeping the decorations in your unit means you have your decorations easily accessible when you need them while not having to deal with them or move them around throughout the warmer months of the year. 


Bigger yard decorations are something that are very fun to have in your front yard. They look incredibly cool and make your home look festive and fun. These decorations come in large boxes and are then stored in these large boxes. You need a big space to keep all of these things. Research different San Mateo Storage storage unit sizes, and find one that has the right amount of space for you. 


The best way to store your items is to change them out as the season changes. As the weather starts getting colder pull out all of your winter belongings and put any summer items away. This way you are putting things in your storage unit that you will not need for at least a few months. Halloween decorations are something that fit into this category. These decorations are something that you only use for one month out of the entire year. Every other month these decorations just take up room. 

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