Why Should I Get a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

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You may have finally decided to make the decision and get a San Mateo Storage unit. Getting a storage unit can be a great benefit to you. Having one just gives you so many more options. A storage unit offers so much more space for you to store your items. A question you may have is whether you should have a climate controlled unit or not? What is the difference between a climate controlled unit and one that is not controlled? Is it even worth the extra money? Here we will answer these questions and show you the benefits of having a climate controlled storage unit.

A normal storage unit is good for items such as normal business, yard, and household items. For these types of items you do not need to have a climate controlled unit. But for things like instruments, electronics, antiques, or art it is heavily suggested that your storage unit is climate controlled.

The biggest thing about climate controlled storage units is that they control the temperature. The temperature in your unit will stay exactly the same year around. For items that can’t afford temperature change you should get a climate controlled unit. The temperature will stay the same and you will have very good air quality. This is typically overlooked as standard storage units are not sealed the same as climate controlled units. This makes the air so much better to store your items in.

In a climate controlled unit there is an extra barrier put in place to protect the things inside from dust. These units will not track dirt in. This is nice for anything you may want to put in. No one likes dust and if you can keep it away do it.

These are just a few of the many benefits that we offer with our climate controlled storage unit. If you have any questions about our units give us a call!

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