Using your unit during Thanksgiving

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Storage units and thanksgiving at first glance may seem like two completely unconnected things, but this is not the case. Utilizing your storage unit this thanksgiving can be a big help when trying to find extra space to accommodate all of your guests. Whether it is just your family or your extended family coming over for dinner you may find yourself in need of your unit to clear up room for a table. 


Furniture gets in the way when trying to set up enough seating to fit all of your guests. This problem gets even harder to solve as there are not any ideal spaces in your home to keep this furniture until the festivities are over. That is where having a storage unit comes in handy. You can remove any and all furniture in the space your thanksgiving tables will be set up, then move all of the furniture into your storage unit. A San Mateo Storage unit will keep your furniture safe and in good condition until your guests have left and you are ready to get your house back to normal. You can rent a unit for this purpose alone, or move things around in your current unit and make room for the temporary storage. 


Your unit is also a great space to keep folding chairs and tables when you are not hosting any events. When you need them you can do a trade and switch out the folding tables and chairs with your furniture. 


Another great thing to store in your unit is thanksgiving table decorations and other thanksgiving specific items as you only use these things once a year. Keeping them in your storage unit means you will still have easy access to them when you need it without these items cluttering up your house. 

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