Decorating your yard for halloween

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Halloween, or spooky season as some call it, is an exciting time where you can make your house look festive with cute pumpkins and carefully picked decorations or make something that will scare trick-or-treaters as they walk past your house. It all depends on what you want your house to look like. 


The first step in decorating your yard is making the decision on what you want it to look like. If you want something scary, think about getting fun popups or lights. If you wish for something cute and not scary, carving pumpkins and getting cute signs for your porch is a perfect idea. 


When getting supplies look at what you have in your San Mateo Storage storage unit. Any halloween decorations you already have that are usable will save you money and help keep your yard decorating cheap. Go check your storage unit and see what you have. Some things may also not inherently be halloween decorations but you can improvise and find creative ways to decorate. Some old clothing can be used to make a scarecrow, a fake person in your display, or cut into any other thing you need. These fake dummies can be stuffed with other old clothing, leaves raked from your yard, or actual stuffing if you want to use that. 


Another great addition to yard decorations is lights. Lights can make a space feel more open, closed off, scary, or happy. It all depends on how you set them up. Lights come with lots of different presets and some even come with multiple colors. Research what type of lights you want to have, then you will know what kind of power it requires and how they need to be set up. Lights on a house look very cool, but the set up can be difficult and slightly dangerous. If that is not something you wish to do, putting lights on the ground can be almost as effective for lighting your space. 

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