Storing plates, dishes, and other cookware

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Thanksgiving means bring out all the seasonal cookware you need to make your thanksgiving meal successful. This could include special dishware, serving utensils, pressure cookers, crockpots, among other things. Cookware that is only used during this time of year can take up a significant portion of your kitchen or closet storage. Instead of keeping these things in places that are inconvenient, store them in your San Mateo Storage unit. A storage unit is a great place for items that you need to use occasionally but do not need every day. 


Because dishes are fragile and easily broken they need to be packed with extra precaution. If the boxes have too much room inside the dishes can shift as they are moved, leading to dishes shattering or chipping. When packing your fragile items use newspaper, packing peanuts, or other soft material to pad the dishes. T-shirts or other soft materials are also good options for packing materials. Be sure to label all of the boxes, and try to put things that will be taken out at the same time together. This way you will not have to remove boxes and keep items you do not need in your home. 


The week of thanksgiving is hectic and full of people trying to get ready for the big day. To reduce some stress pull any boxes you need out of storage a couple of days before you need the things inside. 


When the holidays are over and you are ready to put everything back into storage there are a few things you should do first: wash everything (even if they look clean), repack them with packing materials, and relabel the boxes if anything was switched or changed. Doing this will make the transiting from your home to the storage unit simpler and keep all of your cookware in good condition. 

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