How to store delicate holiday decorations

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Everyone loves the ornate, delicate christmas ornaments that are popular home and event decorations. The light up and room brings a special christmassy feeling to people young and old. The unfortunate thing that comes along with these decorations is the chance that they could break or become damaged. Bringing decorations in and out of storage is the time when these items are most likely to be damaged. It is during these times that you need to take care in how you are packaging up your decorations. 


Careful packaging will prevent your decorations from being damaged. Taking the time to go through packaging may seem laborious and like a misuse of time, but in the long run this is what will keep your decorations shining and beautiful year after year. 


Glass or other delicate items need to be wrapped in newspaper, placed in packing peanuts, or put in their original packaging to keep safe in the storage containers. When placing all of these items in boxes, take care to ensure there is not too much room as the objects will slide when the boxes are moved. The use of cardboard to separate decorations can add an extra element of protection for your belongings. 


Moving your boxes to and from your storage unit is another time where your items are at a higher risk. When you are moving them, be gentle and careful. Jostling the boxes will shift your items, and cause them to bump into each other. This can potentially cause cracks or other damage to your items. When stacking boxes in your Storage Redwood City storage unit, place sturdier boxes on the bottom with your boxes of fragile items on top. Putting heavier items on top will crush items over time. 


Putting decorations in long term storage is a perfect option to keep clutter out of your house, while still having access to your decorations when you need them. 

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