Damp weather and moving do not mix

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Planning a move during the wetter months of the year poses a unique challenge to your move to a new house or to your Storage Redwood City storage unit. The damp weather makes it more difficult to transport your belongings to and from your destination. If weather conditions are not ideal it can cause more stress and pressure to get this thing done and as fast as possible. Rushing your move or putting things in your unit is not a good idea as it can lead to disorganization and placing your belongings.


When planning your move check the forecast and pick the day that will fit both your ideal weather and schedule. Bad weather means there is a risk that your boxes and other belongings may become damp in the transition. Damp belongings lead to the development of mildew and other molds that will cause damage and sometimes even ruin them. One damp item can spread mildew to others, so even something small can be a problem. If your chosen move day suddenly becomes rainy, snowy, or wet it is best to postpone the move to a day that will be dry. Short term it may appear that a fast move is ideal, but being careful will save yourself time and money in the long run. 


If you must make the transition during a rain spell, move the boxes to and from dry spaces as fast as possible. Once in a safe dry space you can organize everything and set up your storage unit in a way that makes sense to you. Go through every box that was moved and check for any wet or damp spaces. If any are found, take everything out of that box and place all your belongings in a new box. 


Enjoy the weather turning from cold and dreary to warm and springy, as you get your storage unit and home ready for the next season. 

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