Timing your storage unit spring cleaning

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Spring has sprung and in some places the weather is getting warmer. In others there is still snow on the ground and it is constantly snowing or raining. The variety of weather the spring brings can be annoying as you try to plan fun activities, go to your children’s various activities, and try to find a free day to complete your home spring cleaning. All of these factors make it incredibly difficult to find a day you are free and where the weather is good so you can give your Storage Redwood City storage unit. 


When trying to find a day to get your unit organized and clean be sure to check the weather, as this cleaning could include trips to and from your car moving boxes and other items. Unfortunately during these short trips to and from the car, if the weather is bad, your boxes can get wet leading to a variety of issues that can damage your belongings. 


Damp or wet boxes and items placed in a storage unit can lead to the development of mildew on your belongings. Mildew is considered a mold or fungus that grows over time if things are not dried properly. The mold will make anything it grows on smell funky and will most likely ruin the belonging. 


To prevent the risk of damp boxes, wait for a period of good weather, which is difficult in spring, and only transfer belongings when the weather is dry. Because moving things in and out of a storage unit is something you do doing spring cleaning it is ideal to do these things at the same time. Go through your unit, move new things in, move old things you no longer want out, then do a deep clean and get rid of any dust, dirt, or messes.

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