What to not store in your unit

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When thinking about storing things in your Storage Redwood City storage unit that are a lot of things that are an automatic yes, meaning these items will be safe sitting in a storage unit. Items like these are not likely to be damaged or become unusable to the owner after some time. Because of these characteristics you can leave your boxes and belongings in your unit for extended periods of time. 


Other items should not be placed into a storage unit as it will damage the individual items and other items that are in the unit at the same time. 


A living thing such as a plant should never be left in a storage unit. First of all plants need sunlight to live, and your plant will not get a single ray of sun in your unit if it is left in there. The soil and living matter can also make your unit dirty and stain some of your other belongings. 


Perishable items like food should never be kept in a storage unit, even if it has a long shelf life. Food will spoil, rot, or mold causing an unpleasant smell to over take your unit. Food will also attract all sorts of pests that will get into the rest of your belongings. 


Electronics are something that some people view as ok to store and others say to never store electronics. The problem with electronics and long term storage is the issue of temperature damage. Storage units can range in temperature as the season changes, and the extreme temperature swings may be more than the electronic can handle. If you have a temperature controlled unit your electronics are more likely to be safe from damage from temperature and humidity. 


Heavy currency or large amounts of money are another group of things that do not belong in a storage unit. While our units are secure it is not the ideal spot to store something this important. For that go to your bank provider, and get the secure storage you need from them. 

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