Short term storage

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The first thought about a storage unit is typically some boxes with old family heirlooms and used furniture sitting in a dark room for months and even years at a time. For those that have never had a storage unit the thoughts could include a musty feeling and cobwebs. Fortunately the second part of this description is incorrect, and our units are kept in pristine condition to keep your belongings safe. 


In addition to long term storage you can use a unit for short term storage. For example: if you are moving and need a space to keep some furniture and boxes for a few weeks or months then a storage unit is the perfect option. It is a temporary safe place to keep any of your belongings. During a move boxes can be lost or easily misplaced which is unfortunately so keep your belongings somewhere secure and where you know they will not be touched. It can be hard to find a friend or family to keep your boxes safe during that time, and that is a lot to ask of someone else. 


Be aware that some periods of time may be too short to have the need for a storage unit and it may be a hassle, but if it will be for a week or longer it is a great option. You can temporarily store things as long as you need whether it is for a few weeks, months, or maybe even a year or two. 


Once you are ready you can grab your things out of the unit as needed and stop using your unit or continue to use your Storage Redwood City storage unit for other things, as you see fit. Maybe you will find that some things will not have a place in your new home, and your unit will be the perfect place to keep them even after the move. 

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