Shelves and other way to simplify your unit

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When figuring out how you will logistically fit all of your boxes into your Storage Redwood City storage unit, it can be difficult to figure out how to safely place every box. If stored incorrectly boxes could fall and damage some of your belongings. Taking precautions when starting to place your boxes is the step that will keep your belongings safe and sound while they sit in storage. 


Simplifying the way you store your belongings in your unit will make removing items or placing new items in your unit that much simpler. Having a messy or unorganized unit can make a supposed short trip to drop something off a hour or more long process of digging through your unit until you find what you want. 


The first thing to use or buy are shelves. Having a shelf or multiple shelves is a great way to stay organized and give your boxes that need extra support. Simply stacking boxes leaves more room for boxes to fall or smush the boxes underneath the other boxes. Having a shelf alleviates the risk of your boxes smashing each other. These shelves also add another layer of organization to your unit. You can group particular boxes together and place them on your various shelves. 


If you do not want to buy shelves buy sturdy boxes, made from plastic, that will not smush or break when put under pressure. Plastic boxes are more likely to hold when other boxes are placed on top of them. In addition to this place your heaviest box on the bottom and go from there ending with the lightest box on top. This will give your belongings the best chance of not being damaged from the other boxes around it. 


Helping your future self by preparing your storage unit now is relatively simple and does not need to take very long. Just use these few simple suggestions and help yourself out. 

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