New Year, revamp your unit

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For many people the new year is a time to start projects, make new year’s resolutions, and simply enjoy what challenges and adventures the new year will bring. In addition to other goals you have, one thing to consider is redoing or revamping your storage unit. As you use your unit over time it can become unorganized, messy, dusty, and sometimes dirty. This is completely normal as when you are moving things in and out, and using your storage unit as one does. 


Once a year it is a good idea to take everything out of your Storage Redwood City storage unit and give it a thorough clean. Get rid of all the dust, disinfect your belongings, wipe everything down, sweep, and mop your unit. A clean unit gives your belongings an environment where they are not at risk for being damaged. 


In addition to cleaning the actual unit you should consider going through your belongings and determining if the things in your unit are things you actually want to continue storing. Going through your belongings can take time so the process could take more than just one day. Plan on the process taking longer than you originally may think. Some boxes may have been damaged or are getting old and will need to be replaced. 


Reevaluate your packing material and buy/make more if needed. These materials include: packing peanuts, newspaper, clothes, or other protective materials. These materials are what keep your belongings safe while being stored in your unit. 


Starting the new year with your unit revamped, refreshed, and ready to go will help you be prepared for any of the adventures that this year may bring. You can continue to use your unit, and know where everything is with all the organization you have done. 


We hope you enjoy the start of this new year and enjoy using your storage unit. 

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