Packing Tailgating supplies in your storage unit

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Having a storage unit can be useful in so many different situations: needing a temporary storage space as you move from one house to another, storing belongings long term, or other storage needs. Something that you may not have thought of is using your storage unit as a space to store your tailgating supplies in between football games. Keeping all of your tailgating supplies in one space will help you have a more efficient and effective tailgating setup.  


If you bring your grill or other cooking appliances, keeping them in your Storage in San Mateo unit can help you avoid having to completely put them away in your garage or placing them in your backyard. Moving your appliance to and from your car can be difficult, and the storage unit will have a better set up to get your grill out and packed up. If you have specific grilling utensils bring this home with you in between tailgates so they can be washed and sanitized. Then set a reminder or put these utensils on the list of things you need to bring with you from home, so you do not forget them. 


When storing all of your tailgating stuff you want to be strategic in how you unload your vehicle and pack the storage unit. The stuff at the edge of your vehicle, or the things closest to your door should go into the back of your storage unit. Then work your way to the inside of the vehicle. This way when you go to pack up your vehicle again all of the bigger items that need to be placed in your car first will be the things closest to the front of your storage unit. 


Football season is such an exciting time. We hope you have a fun and enjoyable season as you tailgate with friends and family, and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. 

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