How to Maximize Your Self Storage Unit Space

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If you have too much clutter and looking to free up space in your home, a self storage unit can be just the answer. In order to make the most of your storage unit and not being stuck with a larger sized unit than you really need, you will want to be efficient to maximize the space in your storage San Mateo CA unit. In this blog we will share some greats tips to make the most of your space.

  • Make a Plan Before Start. Take the time before you start packing your self storage unit to plan it out. Figure out what you will be storing and make a list. Not only will this list prove valuable as you plan up front but it will also be a great reminder and reference of what you have stored. Google sheets is a great resource for your list but whatever you use, make sure to keep if for future reference. Categorizing your list is also an idea with groupings like fragile items, kitchen appliances, electronics, etc…..With a solid plan, you’ll avoid a random approach and will be more likely to make the most of your space.
  • Consider shelves. Shelving will make it easier to stack all the way to the top of your unit. Plus with shelves you can store and keep organized smaller items.
  • Take apart large items if possible. Although it may take a little time, it can be worth it to disassemble larger items such as furniture. Other items like tables and bed frames can be easy to disassemble and will really help you maximize your space if they are taken apart.
  • Use the same sized boxes. If you an organize your stuff in boxes that are all the same size and shape, it will make it much easier to organize and stack your boxes. Using the same sized boxes will help you avoid the void. You will eliminate any void, unused space. be Sure to stack heaviest to lightest but that probably goes without saying. Label your boxes clearly so you know which ones have fragile items or which ones are extremely heavy.
  • Another good trick it to store items inside other items. Fill dresser drawers and use any space below or around furniture.
  • While the point of this article is to maximize your space, don’t do that at your own detriment of accessing your items. Be sure to leave access aisles between your shelves, furniture and boxes. You’ll be glad you did this so you can avoid havign ot move stuff around to find things. stacks of boxes and furniture. You should also include a column on your inventory sheet for the location where that item is stored in your storage unit. These aisles will allow you to access items without having to move everything around. Consider drawing a simple floor plan of your unit and marking where different items are located.

Routinely assess your space and storing approach. You will probably come up with ideas every time you visit your storage unit. All of these ideas will help you be efficient in the unit size you rent and help you from overpaying for a unit that truly is too large for your needs if you plan your storage.



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