Tips for Storing Fragile Items

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If you’re storing fragile items, you need to take extra care to make sure those items are packed well to prevent any damage. Although they may not get moved much once they are in storage, you might end up needing to shift items and boxes around over time so taking the time and effort up front will pay off in the long run.

Wrapping your fragile items individually is a good place to start. With each item wrapped individually, it will decrease the chances of items getting damaged if they bump into each other. Some common resources to sue would be bubble wrap of foam. Then as you pack the individually wrapped items together in boxes you will want to use good quality packing materials like the aforementioned bubble wrap or foam as well as packing peanuts. Old newspaper used to be a great material to use but alas, newspapers have become a thing of the past. Fill in all the empty spaces and make sure the boxes are packed tightly. As for the boxes you use, pick strong boxes. Make the investment to buy new, double-walled boxes vs using old, damaged boxes. And differentiate your boxes by using a sharpie and writing Handle with Care of Fragile on all sides of your boxes containing fragile items. Once you’re ready to start loading your boxes into your Storage San Mateo, CA self storage facility, make sure you put the heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

Certain specific items will need increased special handling like:

  • Electronics: Be careful to make sure you remove any batteries and you also want to be careful about potential static electricity damage by using anti-static wrapping materials.
  • Furniture: In addition to being careful with protecting your furniture, you also need to be very careful in how you move your furniture to avoid damage in the moving process or injuries. Hiring moving professionals might be your best option but if you choose to move your furniture yourself, simple things like large, thick blankets are great to use to protect your furniture not only during the move but also for the time it is being stored.
  • Artwork: Leaving a specific and clear area in your storage unit that is not up against any other boxes or items is a great way to protect your artwork. Using cardboard around frames and shrink wrapping is recommended. Typically you would think to store your art standing up but depending on the size of the artwork and how much space you have to work with, it might be better to store it laying flat.

As careful as you are with packing and storing your valuables, the unexpected can still happen and for that reason it is recommended that you insure any fragile items of high value. Take the time to pack and store your fragile items carefully and then you can rest easy that they will be in great condition when that times comes to retrieve then from your storage unit.



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