Moving Truck Driving Tips

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All American Storage is happy to provide you with self storage in San Mateo for your moving needs but we want to help you along every step of your journey. If you’re moving you may be looking into renting a moving truck. If you’ve never driven a moving truck before, you may be a little intimidated by the thought. In fact, a moving truck may be the largest vehicle you ever have to operate but we have some helpful tips to make it easier for you.


Double Check Everything

Before hitting the road, make sure everything is secure and ready to go. Check all mirrors, locks, and make sure that your belongings are secure. This is also a good time to make sure the weight in the truck is stable and evenly distributed. If using a padlock, make sure that it is locked and you have the key somewhere safe.


Familiarize Yourself With Controls

Get to know the truck so you won’t have any questions once out on the road. If it’s a stick shift and you’re only familiar with automatic, have someone else drive or make sure to give yourself time to learn it beforehand. Read the driver manual before leaving so that you have a basic understanding of all the controls such as the brakes, AC, and radio.


Learn Your Clearance

This is usually listed on the truck itself but make sure you learn the truck’s clearance beforehand in order to prevent any disasters. Trying to pull into an area that the truck simply won’t fit or going into a tunnel that is too small is going to cause some major damage and should be avoided at all costs for your safety and those around you.


Plan for Gas Stops

Plot out your route if you’re traveling far and make sure to locate gas stations ahead of time. It’s important to plan your gas stops beforehand so that you don’t end up stranded. Never let the tank get completely empty just in case of an emergency.


Back Into Unloading Zone

When you arrive to your destination, try to back into the unloading zone rather than pulling in headfirst. This will make unloading the truck easier and will also make your a life a lot less stressful when it comes time to return the truck because you won’t have to maneuver it around as much.


We hope these tips take some of the intimidation and stress out of driving a moving truck. If you need self storage in San Mateo, give us a call and let us find the perfect unit for you to make moving even easier!


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