Preparing a car for storage

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Looking to store your car for a long period of time? Letting a car sit outside or even in a garage for a long period of time can lead to a dead battery or damage. Getting a San Mateo Self Storage unit can solve your problem. We have units that range from 2’ x 3’ to 20’ x 30’. Refer to our size guide to find a unit that will fit your car and any other items you wish to store.

Before storing your car you need to prepare it for long term storage. Start by cleaning your car. This may seem counterproductive because you are just going to be storing your car, but water stains and residue left on the outside of your car can damage the paint. Clean off any mud, oil, or tar from around the fenders.

Once your car is clean take care of the inside. If your car is going to be in storage for more than 30 days, get the oil changed. Used engine oil can possibly contain contaminants that can damage your car. Top of the tank, if storing your car for more than 30 days. This prevents moisture from collecting. Using a fuel stabilizer prevents an ethanol buildup and protects your engine from rust. A stabilizer prevents fuel from deteriorating for up to 12 months.

If possible, drive your car every couple of weeks to help maintain the car’s battery. This will also keep other components of the car lubricated and functioning properly. The air quality will remain fresh as well. If you are unable to drive your car every month or so there are a few options to help keep our battery charged. One option is to disconnect the negative battery cable. Doing this will most likely lead to losing your preset radio stations and the time. If you wish to preserve these settings and others there is another option, purchase a battery tender. A battery tender delivers just enough power to prevent the car’s battery from losing charge.

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