Taking a car out of storage

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Storing your car in a San Mateo Self Storage unit is a great alternative to leaving your car on the street or in a garage for the winter. A storage unit helps protect your car from the elements that can cause damage. Make a list of anything that is in need of repair before storing. Taking a car out of long term storage is more than simply taking it out. Before taking your car out for a ride do these simple things to make sure everything is working properly.

The first thing you should do is inspect your car. Check your car, and examine it thoroughly even if you stored it properly. Grab a flashlight to ensure you do not miss anything. Go through your entire car, bumper to bumper. Check for cracks, leaks, frayed wiring, or any unwanted pests. Check the tires for bulges or cracks. Refer to your list made before storing the car. See if there are any new or worse damages that need attention. If anything is damaged do not drive. Get and damage taken care of immediately after you find them.

Once you have determined everything is fine and in good condition, clean your car. Storage units are clean, but dust can accumulate. Remove any debris from your car to save your paint and exterior from damage. Clean the interior and air your car out to get fresh air inside.

Check the car’s tire pressure. If it is low use a home air compressor or go to a filling station. Driving with flat tires is dangerous, and can be easily avoided.

Car dealerships and manufacturers have lists of everything that should be checked before driving a car after being in long term storage. Refer to your car manufacturers for a full checklist to use as a guide.

Enjoy taking your car out for a ride. The first drive after storage should be used to check the engine and other parts and make sure everything is working properly.

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