The 5 Top Self Storage Mistakes

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Your mom tried to tell you that it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes than to have to learn them yourself, especially when you are doing something for the first time.  Most customers have never used self storage before and, probably, are unfamiliar with the common goofs that can cause you problems down the road when you store.

If you are getting ready to rent and pack up a storage unit, here are the 5 top mistakes made, that you should avoid:

Storing Your Items on the Floor

Concrete and metal attract moisture. Moisture and potential flooding could ruin any items you store on the floor. Stack your boxes on wood pallets and keep them away from walls.

Using Printed Newspaper

The ink on newspapers can bleed onto your items. This can ruin or dirty your items. Instead, wrap them in blankets or towels.

Storing Food

Food will attract pests and rodents, two things that you don’t want snooping around your things. To keep things safe and rodent-free, keep your food at home.

Not Labeling Boxes

6 months down the road, you aren’t going to remember where you packed that one sweater that you love. Label your boxes carefully so you don’t waste time going through every box to find that one important item.


Failing to Insure Items

Storage facilities are not responsible for your lost, stolen, or damaged items. You can either go through your homeowner’s insurance, or the storage facility’s insurance to make sure your items are protected in case anything happens to them.

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