Things Self-Storage Must Have

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1.    Affordable Prices- You want to find a storage facility with storage units that are a variety of sizes so that you are only paying for what you need. There is no point in paying money to store space and air in your storage unit.

2.    Security- Ideally you want a very secure facility guarding your possessions, something like individually alarmed units protecting your valuables 24/7 that immediately get checked when/if the alarm sounds. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

3.    Easy Access- Many drive up units that would make loading and unload easy, as well as some interior units that are easy to get to if you need to store some things on carpeted flooring.

4.    A Well-Cared for Facility- A place that is clean, brightly lit and looking good from the street places confidence in you that the facility is taken care of.

5.    Protected- If there were steel walls and upstairs, carpeted units protect your high-value items. Perhaps some raised concrete floors keep moisture out and of course smoke detectors that monitor interior hallways.

6.    Hands-on Management- Not just hands-on but on-site at the storage facility, there to lend a sense of safety and quick, friendly, professional response to your needs.

7.    Convenient- Longer gate hours for access when you need it, near a freeway/highway or major road. Also online payment so you can easily pay on time and be assured your stuff will continue to be protected.

8.    Storage Resources- A great online guide, something on their website that helps you with a size guide so you get the right size storage facility. Perhaps even a space estimator & inventory sheet. And last, but certainly not least, some great storage tips to help those of you who may be new to self-storage, or haven’t stored your things in a few years.

9.    Four Words- San Mateo Self-Storage: that’s right, all of those 8 things I just described can be found at a nearby San Mateo storage facility called All American Self-Storage. They are the storage facility for you; they can meet all of your needs and many more.

San Mateo Self-Storage has the must haves that you really must have when you are storing your valuables in a storage facility. So don’t hesitate to visit their website at and see how amazing it is for yourself or call them today at (650)376-0775.

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