Tips for Storing Electronics

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Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs a place to store inventory, or maybe you’re office needs somewhere to store old monitors and computer equipment; chances are, with the inevitable march of technological progress, you have some old electronic equipment you don’t use but can’t get rid of. You may need it when your office opens a new branch, or maybe you’re just a collector or audiophile looking for a spot to hold curiosities. We at American self storage in San Mateo are here to help with a quick guide to properly storing your electronics so you can use them when you need them. 

As dry as things are the main concern, especially with electronics, is moisture. While bubble wrap can protect screens and other breakables, be sure to allow your items plenty of room to breathe and never wrap anything entirely in plastic. Plastic wrap will trap moisture and can lead to lasting damage even over a short period of time. To keep dust off your inventory and belongings use canvas, blankets, or cotton sheets instead of plastic sheeting. Breathable materials like these allow for the flow of air and evaporation of moisture, keeping your belongings dry and corrosion free.

Keep your electronics off the ground with wood pallets or another suitable platform. If possible, store electronic devices in their original packaging to prevent damage and confusion. Be careful if you intend to stack any of these boxes and make sure to use sturdy, clearly labeled containers to keep your most fragile items from ending up on the bottom of the stack.

It goes without saying that you should back up any data left on physical media you intend to store. Make sure to remove external storage devices and optical media from their drives before putting computers into storage. If you store portable electronics make sure to remove any batteries to prevent corrosion. Use cardboard to protect screens from scratches and punctures and tape down any large moving parts (like the cover on a scanner or folding tray on a printer) to prevent damage during transport.

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