Tips and Tricks for owning a storage unit

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Having a storage unit can be great. Having a place to put things you want to keep but you do not have room for in your home. They are also great for storing things like jet skis, snowmobiles, boats, or other things you can not use year round. 


The first thing to do once you have gotten a storage unit, at Storage Redwood City CA, is to figure out what to put in it. Go through your house, garage, and attic and find the things that are cluttering your house but they are still meaningful to you. Maybe you have jet skis or snowmobiles that you only use a few months out of the year, so putting them in your storage unit is a way to keep them out of the way. Pack everything into boxes or storage containers, then label them to be able to know where things are. Pack anything fragile carefully and with extra padding to ensure nothing is broken on the way to your unit. Then label those boxes, Fragile, to make sure you know which boxes are which. 


Next sort everything and pack it into your vehicle you are using to get your things from your home to your storage unit. Keep everything organized this can save time when it is time to unpack your vehicle. 


Figure out how to organize everything so that when you put it in your storage unit so that you can make sure that everything will fit in. Take care not to break anything in the process. Place boxes with fragile things on the top of everything else, but make sure it is stable so those boxes will not fall, and break the things inside. 


Then enjoy your clutter free home and spaces. When you want to take something out, be careful to keep everything organized and clean. 

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