What Should be Stored During the Winter?

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The winter months are heading our way, and it is now time to start storing all of our summer things. There are many things that should be stored in a storage unit at Storage San Mateo CA. Most of your summer toys can’t just sit around all winter or they will get ruined. Now is the time to start storing. Listed below are some of the things that should be properly stored.

During the winter months there are many things in your home that will not get used for some time. Instead of having them take space in the house get a unit to store them. Below are some of the items that you might want to consider storing.

Blow up Pools- A storage unit is a great place to store these. It won’t take up any space in your garage which can be a huge help to you in the winter.
Lawn Equipment- Yes, some of your lawn equipment can definitely survive the winter but it has a greater chance of getting ruined out there.
Sporting Equipment- This can go anywhere for all of your balls to your hiking gear. Having these things out of the house can create so much more space for you this winter.
Decorative Items- You can even store all of your decorations. During the offseason decorations can get in the way. Why not just put them in a storage unit?
Small Engine Vehicles- These get in the way in the winter. Free up some space and store them in a storage unit.

These are just a few of the many things that you can store in your storage unit this winter. When you get a unit you won’t regret it instantly you will have more space. If you have any questions or need any assistance give us a call we would love to help you with your storage unit needs.

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