Ways to declutter and clean during the holidays

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The holiday season can be stressful with all of the parties, family gatherings, dinners, guests staying with you, and the actual holidays. There are so many things to get done and cleaning can sometimes get forgotten. Even if you start this season with the best intentions most likely your house will not be 100% clean all the time. Here are a few simple ways to help your cleaning efforts.

Prioritize your cleaning. Be sure to clean rooms you use often or rooms that guests will be staying in. This way the rooms you need to be cleaned will get done, and everything else can be cleaned if there is any extra time. Make a list of everything that you need to do so nothing is forgotten.

Once your list is complete consider making a cleaning schedule. Change the 25 day Christmas movie marathon to have 25 days of cleaning. Having a schedule can help you have a set schedule and little by little your house will get clean. This schedule is also a great opportunity to get your family involved in the cleaning. Have your kids help wherever they can, even if it is just asking them to pick up their bedrooms.

Take an inventory of your kitchen while you clean it. Once you know what you have you can go out and buy things you need, from more dishes to feed your guests or some groceries you need for a big meal.

Gift wrapping is super fun but it can also create a big mess. Designate a room or place in your house that will be your wrapping room, this can help contain the mess. It also makes it hard for kids to spy and see what gifts they will be receiving.

To help get your home feeling festive use holiday scented cleaning products. This way your house can be clean and smelling good. If that is not something you are interested in there are also countless holiday scented candles available almost everywhere.

If you find yourself decluttering during some free time be sure to remember your Storage San Mateo CA, your unit is a great place to store seasonal items you will not be needed until next April or May. If there is anything you do not want to keep there are a lot of organisations that love receiving donations, especially at this time of year.

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