Making a move easier, with kids

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Moving can be stressful and difficult. You have to pack up your home, move it, then unpack it in your new home. Making a move as a married couple or a single adult is simpler than trying to make a move with children. It can be hard for children to accept the move. They feel safe and secure where they live and it can be hard for them to get used to a new environment. Kids will have to leave their friends and school (in some cases).

The first thing you should do, before anything else, is tell your children about the move. Telling your children on the day will be a shock to their system. Giving your kids time to prepare mentally can help the move be smoother. When breaking the news do it as a family. Get everyone together and discuss your move. Answer any questions your kids have. Try to avoid telling anyone that could mention it to the children before you have told them.

Once you know the details, tell your kids. You could take them to the new town they will be living in, show them all of the fun new places they can play. Talk to them about all of the new features their new home will have: the backyard, bedrooms, etc.. Show them their new school, and the surrounding neighborhoods. They can see how great their new home will be.

Get your kids involved with the unpacking. They can choose how they want their rooms to be arranged. This will be exciting and give them something to do. While they can enjoy the freedom, be sure to stay close by and help. Kids, especially younger kids, need to be supervised so they do not make a mess.

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