Easy ways to make more storage in a college dorm

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Many high school seniors are getting ready to move out and go to college. Whether they are heading up early to do summer classes or leaving closer to the fall, they all must find a place to live. Once a dorm room, apartment, or room in house has been secured a student must figure out how much space they have. Many living accommodations in college have limited storage space. Students will have to deliberate and decide what they are going to bring with them and what is being left at home. Do not forget the space you have in your Storage Redwood City unit.

Use multi-purpose furniture
Multi-purpose furniture is furniture that is used for more than one thing. Some examples are: a bed and drawers, using a trunk as storage and a seat, etc… Use these items to your advantage and maximize your storage space. It may take creativity but it will be worth the time and effort.

Use vertical space
Unfortunately college accommodations do not have a lot of lateral storage space, but you can buy storage containers that can be used vertically. These vertical containers can be placed on doors or walls. These containers can be made or bought. Making your own could save some money.

Stay organized
Another great way to maximize space is to stay organized. A messy room makes everything jumbled and not fit. Taking the time to unpack and organize can save you hours down the road. If you have to organize later it will take time to take everything out and reorganize. Once you know how much realistic space you have you can make or buy anything else you will need to stay organized.

Do what makes the most sense for your room and situation. It will be profitable to you in the long run.

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