Helping your child pack, when moving out

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It is almost May, and that means high school seniors are less than a month away from graduating high school. It is time for them to prepare to move out and start the next chapter of their lives. You want them to succeed and enjoy being an adult, but most parents want to help with the transition and the move. Unfortunately many parents can not travel and help their children move in but they can help them pack.

High schoolers are notorious for having messy rooms. So when it comes time for them to start to pack it can be hard to know where to start. The best thing to do is clean their room first. Once everything has been cleaned and put away your teenager can go through their room and decide what is going to college with them, what is being out in your Storage Redwood City unit, and what is being thrown away. This step may take some time as it can be hard to decide where each item should go. The necessities are clothings, electronics, and school materials. Everything else should only be included if there is room.

Research your child’s dorm room or apartment to figure out how much room they will have. This is an indicator for what they can and can not bring with them. Any mementos and other personal items could be stored in your storage unit, in the family attic, or the family storage room.

Once your kid has a basic idea of what they want to bring you can start packing. Sort their belongings into basic piles like: clothes, momenoes, and miscellaneous. Similar items should be packed together, to keep things organized. Once a box has been packed label them. Keep everything organized. Taking time now will save them time later when unpacking.

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