Tips for spring cleaning

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It’s spring time! That also means it is time to start spring cleaning. No one likes spring cleaning but it helps get ready for summer. Your house can feel cleaner and less cluttered as you go through your things and find stuff to get rid of. There may also be certain items you want to keep, but you do not want it cluttering up your house. Use your Storage Redwood City unit to store these keepsakes. Utilize your storage unit. It is a great place to store anything you want.

Have a strategy/plan
Going into spring cleaning can lead to your house being disorganized and in chaos. Before starting to clean, make a plan and stick with it. Think through what areas of your house need the most attention and time, start with those rooms. Once you have completed your problem areas start working on the other areas of your home. Getting your family involved can also help get the job done faster. Your kids can learn how to spring clean effectively. Cleaning with family can help you become closer as you make memories.

Organize as you go
Spring cleaning can serve two purposes: cleaning and organizing. It is a great chance to go through your home and get rid of anything you don’t want or need. There are a few things that can be done with the things you want to get rid of: donate them to a local non-profit organization, give them to a family you know that is in need, or throw them away (if it is unusable). Anything you would like to keep can be moved into your self storage unit. Properly package any items before you move them. Fragile things need to be packed with protective coverings.

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